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Social Media and Your Auto Injury Case.

Social medial is now reaching
into almost every home, and is still growing rapidly. It has now become one of
the insurance industry easiest ways to find information that can harm a case.

With nearly everyone
in America with a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other social media
account. The insurance industry is now using this information to use against
anyone making a claim.

For example,

 1.) A injuredperson was in a an auto accident and moments after the accident they postpictures of the mangled cars. They boast that they escaped without a scratch, Only to wake up the next morning realizing like most people that they can't move their neck. The damage has already been done. The insurance company canuse this to say that the injured party wasn't hurt.

2.) A parent runs out on the field forgetting their pain, when their child collides with another on the soccer field. Another parent catches this act in a picture and posts it to their account with a tag mentioning the name of the parent rushing out to get their child. The damage is done. Again the insurance company use this to limittheir payout.

3.) A person realizes his boast about escaping without a scratch could harm his case so he deletes the post.This may be considered spoliation of evidence by a court. If a motion isbrought to show that a person deliberately destroyed any evidence in a case.

4.) Most attorney will tell you to stop using social media companys until your claim is settled and your check is cashed.  They also advise you talk with your friends and family and have them leave you out of any social media postings until your claim is settled.


Talk with an Attorney they can guide you
through your case from the begining to the end.

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