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Is Massage safe for cancer patients?

Q: Is massage safe for cancer patients? 

A: People used to worry that massage could spread cancer cells. This is not true for most cancers. It is wise, though, to avoid massaging body areas known to have cancer or inflammation. And be sure to talk with your doctor before starting massage therapy.

Many cancer patients attain pain relief and emotional comfort from massage administered by a skilled therapist. Some cancer centers have incorporated massage rooms into their facilities. Massage before chemotherapy treatments helps lower anxiety. It has also been shown to heighten immune function and improve blood flow.
--Bernice Crook, RN, OCN  (Caring4Cancer.Com)



Information about Whiplash?
Whiplash is the the quick forward back motion of the neck past it's normal range of motion.
What is Sports Massage?
Car accident statistics!
Over 12 million car accident happen yearly, involving more than 20 million cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.
Auto Accident Statistics
Car accident statistics.
Lasting Back Pain Relief!
Back Pain relief from massage lasts 1 year (425) 793-7700
What is Whiplash?
Whiplash does not describe an injury but the motion of the head that causes severe neck injuries. (425) 793-7700
What is Nerumuscular Therapy?
What Is Neromuscular Therapy? (425) 793-7700
Learn how to treat your Gout naturally!
Treat Gout Naturally!
Massage for Pruritis
Doctors report Massage is found to effectively reduce pruritis (the itch associated with burns). (425) -793-7700 Cedar River Medical Massage.
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