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Auto Accident Statistics

Car Accident Statistics





According to the NSA, National Safety Council, there are more than 12 million motor vehicle accidents a year involving more than 20 million vehicles. This includes over 5 million non-fatal accidents annually. Approximately 2 million have disabling injuries of which approximately 1 million are work-related injuries.



Injury Statistics


The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 1990 reported that about 28 percent of occupants involved in motor vehicle accidents incur minor to moderate injuries. About 6 percent incur severe to fatal injuries. 

A study, published in the European Spine Journal, found that between the first and second years following a motor vehicle accident over 20 percent of the people have their symptoms get worse.

About 10 percent of all motor vehicle accident victims become disabled.



Injuries & Time


Symptoms that arise from injuries in a motor vehicle accidents were once thought to present immediately following the accident. New research and clinical experience shows that a delay of symptoms seems to be the normal. Delayed symptom onset does not remove the possibility of severe injury.

Massage may be best treatment for back pain!
Scientific studies show that massage may be best treatment for back pain. (425) 793-7700 Cedar River Medical Masage
Massage is effective for tension headaches!
Massage is effective in reducing tension headaches. (425) 793-7700 Cedar River Medical Massage
Masssage Can reduce back pain!
Information about Whiplash?
Whiplash is the the quick forward back motion of the neck past it's normal range of motion.
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Car accident statistics!
Over 12 million car accident happen yearly, involving more than 20 million cars, trucks and other motor vehicles.
Lasting Back Pain Relief!
Back Pain relief from massage lasts 1 year (425) 793-7700
What is Whiplash?
Whiplash does not describe an injury but the motion of the head that causes severe neck injuries. (425) 793-7700
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What Is Neromuscular Therapy? (425) 793-7700
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