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Is Obama care good for Massage in Washington State

Yes in Washington State the PPACA, aka Obama Care is going to be good for Massage Therapist and their patients.
The PPACA, the Patient Proctection and Affordable Health Care Act is turning out to be quite different than it looked like it was going to be for massage therapist and their clients in Washington State.
It looks like most of the insurance plans sold through  will have Massage Therapy Benefits included in the plans.  Several of them that I found had 30 massage therapy visits a year included. I could not find anywhere in the BridgeSpan , Cordinated Care and Molina plans that said they covered massage therapy.
This is good for us Massage Therapist and our clients.
This is completely different from an article I wrote several years ago.  In the article I wrote that this was going to be a problem for us massage therapist because the PPACA, aka Obama Care was a Federal program and would be able to take precedent over our state law.  As it turns out,  It is a federally funded program that gives money to each state and allows the states to manage the funds.  As such we massage therapist are protected and our every provider law has been protected.
There is language in the PPACA, that looks much like Washington States every provider law. This doesn't necessarily mean that all 50 states will now have to recognize Massage Therapist and massage therapy as a medical benefit.  It is a step in the right direction and hopefully many other states will recognize the benefits of massage.
Federal rules and Laws may still prevent Massage Therapist in other states from being recognized.  I don't know how the PPACA is going to affect the other states.
At this time for Massage Therapist and their Patients in Washington State it looks like this is going to be a good program that will pay for massage therapy.  I just don't know how the money will be implemented in the other states.  Lets keep a eye open and try and help those in other states get the much deserved benefits that we all ready do.
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