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Common I.C.D. 9-CM Diagnosis Codes for massage therapist

Common ICD-9 diagnosis codes for massage therapists
Be aware that ICD-10 is the correct designation but is more often referred to as ICD-9 because it was used for such a long time that most people still use designation ICD-9 instead of ICD-10.

This is not an attempt to represent all diagnosis codes, but is an attempt to give you a list of codes and short descriptions of what they mean. ICD-9 Codes are changing all the time. There are new additions and revisions every year

The thing that makes finding the proper ICD-9 complicated is that a specific diagnosis such as and ankle sprain/strain has more than 1 code. Why? Each code not only represents what has happened to the body, but also how it happened. Such as sudden trauma, slow onset, surgery etc…If you have a prescription with a code and don’t know what it means and the doctor didn’t write out what it means. Please at all costs do nothing with the patient until you have looked up the code and found out what it means. I often have patients come with a complaint different than what the doctor has written a prescription for. The prescription tells you were and what to work on. If the patient complains of another area than what the doctor prescribe then write the doctor back and explain that the patient is also complaining of (another area). The doctor will usually write you another prescription for the area if the patient mentioned to them. Remember only work on the areas that the doctor has prescribed and those muscles that are directly related to the area. For example the Doctor writes a prescription for massage of the biceps muscle. The triceps muscle directly relates to the biceps since it is the antagonist of the biceps.

Be aware that using the wrong code won’t get you any trouble but will most definitely will slow your

Reimbursements down and cause you to go back and find the right code. It is not a massage therapist place diagnose. So be careful we can add a code to a diagnosis but it is not our place to diagnose.

346      Migraine
346.0    Migraine with aura
346.1    Migraine with out aura
346.9    Migraine, unspecified
723.1    Cervicalgia (pain in the neck)
724.1    Pain in thoracic spine
724.2    Lumbago, Lumbalgia, low back pain, low back syndrome
724.3    Sciatica
724.4    Bach ache unspecified

Chiropractors commonly use the following codes

839.07-7    Cervical subluxation
839.21       Thoracic subluxation
839.20       Lumbar subluxation
839.69       Pelvic subluxation
839.42       Sacral subluxation
728.5         Hypermobility
728.4         Ligament laxity
780.99       Decreased functional activity
756.12       Spondylosisthesis

847.0         Cervical Sprain/Strain
847.1         Thoracic Sprain/Strain
847.2         Lumbar Sprain/Strain
728.85       Spasms
729.1         Myofasscitis
722.4         Cervical Degeneration
722.51       Thoracic Degeneration
722.52       Lumbar Degeneration
722.2         Displaced Lumbar disc with radiating pain
721.3         Spondylosis-L/S
723.1         Cervical Pain
724.1         Thoracic Pain
724.2         Lumbar Pain
724.3         Radiating Upper Extremity Pain
724.4         Radiating Lower Extremity Pain

Make special note of the code 959.0  This code is used for unspecified injuries. There are several different uses for the code but should be used as a last resort.

Please double-check all of these codes. I will not be held responsible for errors. It is your responsibility as a provider to know what you working on, and billing for. There are many more codes than I could possibly list here. This is just a good starting point. If you have been given a code and it’s not listed here. I would put the number in and Google the code it should bring up a description.  Be aware that even Google has errors so it don't just read the page that Google puls up. You can also contact the referring doctor’s office, though I would only do this as a last resort because doctor’s are very busy and have many more important things to do.

If you find a code that you feel should be in this list or an error in the list please use the contact tab and write in the description space so that we can add or fix the list.

This list was made by Peter Spairring L.M.P.

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