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Do You have Jaw pain and head aches?

Does your jaw clench tight?
You might have TMJ if you experience these symptoms on a constant or frequently recurring basis: headaches without cause; pain in  and around the jaw; problems opening and closing the mouth; popping or clicking noise in your jaw; pain in the neck, jaw or head; clenched teeth during sleep;  sore jaw upon waking. If you suspect you haveTMJ , consult your massage therapist, dentist or primary care physician for additional information. 
Learn how to treat your Gout naturally!
Treat Gout Naturally!
Massage for Pruritis
Doctors report Massage is found to effectively reduce pruritis (the itch associated with burns). (425) -793-7700 Cedar River Medical Massage.
Is Massage safe for cancer patients?
Is massage safe for cancer patients?
Cold or Flu? How to tell the difference.
How can I tell the difference between Cold and Flu? (425) 793-7700
Get a Massage to help avoid colds and flu!
Get a Massage to help avoid colds and flu!
How to decrease heart attacks with water.
Decrease heart attacks by increasing water intake.
Are there proven health benefits associated with massage?
Massage recomended for children with Cystic Fibrosis
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