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Covid19, Wuhan Virus, Corona Virus and Massage

Covid19 - This is the technical name for the virus.

Corona Virus - This is a name that has been used that isn't technically correct.  It refers to a type of virus that was discovered a few years back.  It fits because Covid19 is one of several virus that fit this type of virus.

Wuhan Virus - This name comes from the area that the Virus was first found.  It is NOT a racism.  It is describing the virus by were it came from just like West Nile Virus and many others named by were they originated.

So at this point my fears are starting to materialize and the measures that I thought shoud be taken were to slow.

I have closed my business not out of fear of getting the Virus but to make sure I don't spread it.  As a massage therapist I can not socially distance myself from a patient.  That if a patient had the Virus and hadn't shown symptoms they would most likely spread the Virus to me and I would then spread it to my other patients.  1 hours of massage is plenty of time to spread the virus when you are that close to someone.

The Health Department has stated it OK for us to stay open but I don't agree.

What you need to KNOW.

The experts are not concerned with what the virus has done but the POTENTIAL it could do.  

Why?  Because this virus has such a long incubation time.  They say on overage 5-8 days but they have seen several cases of 14 days and one case that was reported to be 23 days.  They think the 23 day case  was a situation of a 2nd encounter that caused the sickness but they don't know.

The seriousness of the bad effects is causing death at 2-5 times what happens with the flu.  

This combination makes it very dangerous. 

Even though at this time the it has only been harming the OLD people.  They worry that with any mutation that could change.  

You see every Virus mutates a lot.  That with each mutation it gets better or worse.  The worse isn't so bad because those cases usually die before they are passed on but with this long incubation period it makes it possible that one of the BAD mutations could get passed on and spread killing an even greater part of the population.  

This is why these emergencies forced social distancing is happening.  If everyone follows the recommendations and stays home.  This should pass in 3-4 weeks.  

Things to do.

Wash hands often.  This helps tp keep the virus from spreading.

Wash for 30 seconds.  This is how long it takes to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY twice.

Take Vitamin C -  (ask your Doctor)  Vitamin C has been proven to increase your immune system.

Get lots of Rest. - Increased Rest also helps your immune system.

The reason I have been so proactive is that in Wuhan China their is a lot of labs that do genetic engineering.  It is possible that this virus was genetically made.  We don't know but if it was we really have no clue of what it could do.

Remember I closed my business 3 weeks ago.  I predicted 3000-10,000 cases in the USA within 2-3 weeks. I was correct. I am now predicting the numbers to increase but for them to peak in 3 weeks and should be around 30 to 100 thousand cases..  We won't be fully clear but the major dangers will have passed.   The rate of new infections will start to slow and business will start to return normal.   

The potential harm that Virus could cause will have been avoided because a BAD mutation didn't occur.  People will prepare for the next outbreak and be ready for something much worse.

I will pass on more as I learn more. 

Copy Right 

Peter Spairring 

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