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10 Reasons after an accident to get examined by your Doctor.






10 top Reasons

 To Be Examined

by your Doctor(MD)

following a Car Accident. 

         1.      You may have injuries and not know it. 

2.      Whiplash injuries may not show any symptoms from days to a few weeks later. 


3.      Medical professionals all agree that the first 72 hours after an accident are the most critical and treatment can be the most effective. 

4.      automobile accident injuries occur with speeds as low a 5 MPH. You may have much more damage than your car.

5.      Soft-tissue injuries are permanent, as scar tissues can form in your muscles leaving them less flexible and prone to re-injury in the future if you don’t receive treatment. 

6.      If you act quickly you preserve your legal rights.  Attorney's often list the #1 thing to do after an accident is to be examined by a Doctor. Getting prompt medical treatment; preserves your rights, otherwise you may get benefits denied or limited. 

7.      Even if it’s your fault or you don’t have any health insurance,  In most cases treatment can cost you nothing out of pocket.

8.    For peace of mind .  If you are not injured you can sleep better at night knowing you had an extensive exam and x-rays and found out everything was fine. 

9.      Statistics show the longer you wait for treatment after you are injured, the longer it takes to heal and will require more treatments.   

10. If you are injured your injuries usually will not heal properly on their own causing you pain months to years later.


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Massage may be best treatment for back pain!
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Massage may be best treatment for back pain!
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